Текст песни Dream Theater Pale Blue Dot

So far away from home
Beyond a distant reach
Faint whispers from the edge
Returning piece by piece
A lonely point of light
Captured in a final glance
A solitary hint of life
Discovered if by chance

God creators
Dream destroyers
Spineless cowards and fearless warriors
Hopeful children
Mothers and fathers
Our blood-filled rivers fueled by hate
We worship heroes, kings and saints
But who's out there to save us from ourselves?

All you will ever know
All life that ever was
All you despise or love
Living out their lives
This isolated speck
Hurtling through the cosmic dark
Would seem to go astray
If we were washed away

God creators
Dream destroyers
Knowledge seekers and bold explorers
Hopeful children, mothers and fathers

All on this place we call our home
Adrift in space we're on our own
But who's out there
To save us from ourselves?

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