Текст песни Dystopia Ruptured Silence

its easy to see
incentive to talk
staring at all
staring at me
where has humanity gone
I feel sick to open my mouth
visions are blurred
glances are exchanged
eyes connect
speach neglect
we coldly walk away
a thousand thoughts
a million minds
a vocal box and a set of eyes
gifted with vision
yet overwhelmingly blind
people are hurt
shouting and pleading
communication doesnt ever leave
down on my knees
I start to cry
who the hell are you
to question why
speak breathe
relinquish your apathy
seek conquer
release anxiety
silence is weight that broke our backs
and pulls our mental chains
silence will oppress us
and well always be its slave
theres no compassion
not any more
brotherhood smashed
like a roach on the floor
never the less
people like you
follow like slaves
speak breathe
live see
quiet choke
die blind
speak breathe
feel release
I dont feel
seek conquer
realse anxiety
find fuck
censor relax
seek control
confront your insanity
crush feel
silence slave
breathe speak free
loud silence defens me
seek ease
release it all
let it all go
silence will destroy us all
leave us all your mark on life

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