Текст песни Dystopia Weed Of Wisdom

rape consume exhault abuse
rob the earth of fossil fuels
we kill ourselves with fossil fuels
weve tried we failed
we die with our hands tied
cant you see we have no choice
you lie about the true effects
lies... expose the facts that you cant hide
please dont insult our intellegence
hemp is illegal cause it threatens your wealth
dupont exxon and a thousand other companies
would rather see you die than lose money for your
price of living
funeral procession modern ecology
I wont bow
I wont bow and sit and sigh
the world goes to shit as you sit and cry
bigotry aparthied jim crow laws
tools of prohibition to put hemp in its place
put a black man in shakles
because he smokes weed and had a smile on his face
fucking racist
fuel oil plastic
all from a plant that natures blessing
paper wood food
stop deforestation save this planet
now we must utilize a source
that can be grown with ease
save our habitat and stop
killing wildlife and soil by removing trees
land is in scarce supply and hemp roots help anchor
which stops erosion nurtifies land while rainforests
we must put aside myths and legends based on lies
hemp the weed of wisdom will help whip the tear from
natures eye

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