Текст песни Emmure Major Key Alert

I've heard it all before.
Yeah its nothing new.

How you critique with no substance.
Shoot me down but reload with nothing.
Reach for dreams but seems you never touched it.

Bitch I know the truth
And so do you.
You lack the skill and the stamina.

Get to close and I'm programmed to damage ya.
People see me quick to grab the camera.

You wish you were me.
You live like slaves.
Just know that I am king.

You wish you were me.
I stand up here as I look down 'pon they.

I'm sick of hearing that you want me to be
2007 crying over some bitch, ho please.
I appreciate the love and respect
Just know that I've changed.
It's been a decade get a fucking grip.

Текст добавил Jetboy 6.4.2017 20:04

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