Текст песни Emmure 22 Exits Away

I remember looking right into the eyes of an angel
The evil in me sleeps from time to time
Wash away these poisons from my mind right on to your skin
All the hearts that you’ve destroyed; never stepping from your throne
When all the smiles break away
Truths of the past you can’t let go
And you are alone today
Tell me do you feel the same?
Yeah do you feel the same now?
And this my friends, is a moment for all of us to remember
How good it felt not to be afraid
What it’s like not to be afraid this time
This is for the day you changed my life out in Commack
Open your mouth wider, wider, wider
Who knew the truth could hurt so much?

Текст добавил IggiZiggi 7.6.2009 16:32

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