Текст песни Emmure I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper

I'm probably the worst fuck you ever had
I apologize the best I can
How could you not understand?
That you shut me out when you let him in

(I want you cumming inside me)

Oh god
Oh my god this can't be happening

Why me?
Oh why me?

Tell me was he worth it?

I just want you to know
That you're the reason I got tested
And because of you I'm at the clinic hoping, praying

Please God
Let me be negative
7 years bad luck
A never ending gift
From the filth you fucked

(I want you cumming inside me)

Why? Why me?

Текст добавил Prom Queen 17.2.2010 20:13

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25.6.2012 23:09 №58202 О

убийственная тема,прокачивает шо п*здец

Prom Queen


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17.6.2010 10:33 №39739 О


песни у них всегда классные ;)

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