Текст песни Endstand Bridges Burned

after you treated yourself like shit,
for so many years,
who do you think will come,
and wipe off your tears?
who will offer a shoulder,
you can lean onto,
who's going to give an ear,
you can tell your worries to?
can't fix the heart that has been shattered apart too many times,
can't find the right pieces,
to fix the broken heart.
it takes strength of will
to get back on the feet again.
it takes guts and pride, to dare to stand up high,
when the legs have been swept,
after hitting the ground on your face.
when the bridges have been burned. -no place to go,
when there's no place to turn, -no place to go

Текст добавил Yuiko 24.2.2010 6:59

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