Текст песни For The Fallen Dreams Always About You

Why should I let you win?
It's always up to you
Not this time
Nothing left to show
Nothing's left for you
No one left to use
What are you gonna do
Fill your voids
Fill your time
Fill your life with your bullshit lies
Whatever you do, you'll always feel empty inside
Empty inside
You're empty inside
If you stay the way you are, in the end you'll get what you want
I'm done wasting my time
You'll never fill this void in your life against the wall
Against your knife
No more late nights wondering why you make me feel empty Inside
You'll be lonely until you die now; it s your turn to stay up all night
You'll go to sleep wondering why
You wake up the same why with nowhere to go, you wanna live a lie worth
Let go your past
Stop holding onto things you had
Good things will never last, stop holding onto your past
This won't last.

Текст добавил Okay 1.8.2012

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