Текст песни Gloria Empty Faces

Dont say my name if you dont want to speak to me

Dont you point, stare, and whisper in eachothers ears

Come up to me and say, Hello, my name is?

Or look away and avoid my stare, it??™s lethal??¦ it??™s lethal??¦

Don??™t go by what you hear

Gossip can be misleading

And don??™t go by what you see

Appearances can be decieving

Don??™t run away from me if you heard I??™m a heartbreaker

There may be more to what you heard than what you??™ve been told

If you come up to me and say, ???Hello, my name is??¦???

I??™ll give a sneak peak at my broken heart

You??™d be surprised how much you??™re missing

If you avoid the eyes of the people in disguise

You??™d be surprised how much you??™re missing

If you??™re listening??¦ are you listening?

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