Текст песни Gloria Red Fate

Make up and mirrors absorb all your focus

And theres no time for me

I dont want it to be this way

If I have to battle reflections

And powder for your nose

Then Ill be dust and blow to shore

Oh, what is that!?

Youre taking time to choose for me

Or a bottle of Halloween mask cream

Oh, you make me laugh

Ill tell you a secret

I dont care how many pounds of mascara your wear

Or the brand of the pants on your legs

I just want you here with me now

Vanity is trite

I wear jeans and a tee every day

And I cant get them off fast enough to be where you lay

Do you get it now?

Ill take you back

As long you are true to me

And not your lipstick or your left cheek

Are you ready for that?

Everywhere I go people stop and they say

Are you lost or just waiting for her to believe

That shes ready

That its red fate

Текст добавил Hiekke 21.7.2009 23:42

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