Текст песни Gloria Romance Is Dead

Havent you heard were not the cream of the crop?

You have got us all mixed up

I am NOT what youve been looking for

Do you like guys who take you out to dinner?

And make you feel like one million bucks?

Well baby, I assure you thats not us

Dont waste your time on guys like me

Well only let you down

We have agendas for you

And they are not pretty

So get up, get out

Before you get yourself into emotional, physical disaster

It doesnt mean as much to us,

Were already in love

So get lost, just beat it

I really mean it, someone will get hurt

And Im one hundred percent that is wont be me

And what do you know I went and did it again!

You make it too easy

Three words, your heart stops beating for me

Dont lose your cool, Im rooting for you

Because we need to be stopped

Romance is another word for lust

So dont be a fool

Get out of the line of fire

Find yourself a nice boy and settle down

Forget me as soon as you possibly can

Текст добавил Hiekke 21.7.2009 23:42

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