Текст песни Grenouer A Memorable Fancy

Angel came, knowing my dreadful state
"Horrible! For yourself dungeon
Burning hot to all eternity
You prepare, going in such career"

I muttered in a sudden and ridiculous anger which had no grounds
"Perhaps you will be willing to shew me my eternal lot
And we will contemplate together upon it
And see whether your lot or mine is most desirable"

He took me down the winding cave...
Nether sky... "Is that providence?"
"Don't presume, as we here remain
I'll watch thy lot when the darkness melts"

Distance shining, vast crawling spiders

Sprung from corrupting
Most terrific shapes
"These are the devils
Powers of the air"
Then I asked companion
"What's eternal lot?"
"Look between the black and white
Rolling into deep"

Scaly foldy monstrous serpent, drifting tempest
Globes of clouds, ridge of purple, crimson foam
Into streaks divided forehead, red gills, mouthmire
Towards us advancing quickly just above the fire
I remained alone and then
Heard loud harp
"One who never sanctifies
Breeds reptiles of mind"

I arose and sought the guide
Caught him in my arms
Flung with him directly
Right into the sun

Open'd bible had a welcome pit
We descended, seven houses of brick
One we entered
Picking up the flesh
Chained monkeys of annoying stench

So the angel said "Thy phantasy
Has imposed upon me and thou
Oughtest to be ashamed"
I answered "We impose on one
Another and it is but lost time
To converse with you
Whose works are only analytics"

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