Текст песни Grenouer Clonetwigs

Decipherment of Human Genes
A Forbidden Bite Is Taken
Units of Flesh like Mirror Reflections
Replica Motherfuckers
Reconstruction without Much Trouble
Material Revolution
Raving out Machinery
Invulnerable Mutineers

And So We Make Good Resolves
Polite and Sympathetic
To Heave a Sigh of Relief
And So Distribute Ourselves
Macabre Arithmetic
Is Praising Us with A Wreathe

The Guide to Action From Above
Has Set the World on Fire
No Usual Run to Fight a War
Rotten Luck Creators
Perfect Species Take Advantage
Of The Inherent Knowledge
Selective Rates Corroborates
The Doctrine of Evolution

Well, They Appear To Kill
Defiant and Ill-Affected
To Strike a Crushing Assault
And One Can Hardly Believe
Obsessed and Unreflecting
An Inexcusable Fault
We've got to draw up Our Will
Effete and Retrospective
An Unforgettable End
There's No another Way Out
Obedient and Defective
'Cause After All We Are Dead

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