Текст песни Grenouer Devil's Eye

One word inhaled assumes a mask
Mixture control
Menial tasks
Treatable items
Proof reaching intakes
Construction mistakes
Race separation
Unformalized spawn
Vague recollection
Obscured and forlorn
Straight hark back
Flank attack
Returnable stack from the back

Devil's eye
Get to believe it

Huge shreds of leather are somewhere behind
Sink to a whisper
Maintain or deny
Opposite poles can take reverse sides
To revise
Caught and beholden to safeguard obexes
Popular tests of diminished reflexes
Slices of times
Unprecedented oblation

Sheaf of sparks
Even strokes
Concrete bodies
Beaming marks
Punching pokes
Model moments

Devil's eye
Get to believe it

No reflections to remind
No reward for human kind
Closed society's ugly heads
Valid varieties
Changing moralities
Corporeal physics instead

Devil's eye
Get to obey it

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