Текст песни Grenouer Down Under Dome Of Heaven

Down under dome of heaven
Feathering of shaft
Is flying like a common warder into owned mark
Serenade of thickened epoch is gravely reaching virgin soil
Vanished rays within the tower are taking all abandoned space

Time is again breaking lose with ungodly full strength
And the arrow like a wasp is vanishing over crowns

Fly away! Clatter, hooves!
Wanderer, clear the way, ah

Stable walls under heavens open to seven winds
Walls of the heart of this world are taking their final rest

The end of the path - ruby hall

The figure of human creatures hardened in some concentration
And confidence found them with all malice and spite
Down under fouled heavens worthless rubbish gnawed the land
They stepped into a vicious circle to cease the falling of sand

Endowing themselves

Even mighty lose the might
While they strain flows of time

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