Текст песни Grenouer Faces Of Death

Distribution, scattered brains feel no sorrow nearly taint
It's not late to demonstrate profit line

Truth and lies - tool of learn overturn now
Devour great detest, violate silence livin', dyin'

Holocaust, diving in faces of death
Infamise what you've preached, devolution
Blaze of sin, tortured soul faithless in death
Be insane, be afraid 'cause it's too late

Horrified parvenu fabricates legends
Mercantile eminence, circumscribed powers

Faces of death, faces of death
Fractured skull peeling skin, mummifying
Gutted men falling down suffocating
Blaze of sin, burst of destiny
Yell and scream grave dilemma bleedin', pleadin'

You must behold these faces of death
Otherwise you'll join them

Faces of death, faces of death
Lame excuse, don't refuse comprehension
Eat yourself, drink your blood, which is boiling
Tortured soul, mutilation
Exultation, gasoline shower

Doubtless revelation, excellent transportation
Sudden tend is permanent if you try profit line

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