Текст песни Grenouer King's Ebony Blade

Calmness of stable stones
Tight veins ain't sore no more
Brilliant open skies
Smoke-screen has melted alright
An ancient castle, smooth of a pond
Hopes of peoples - the sleeping sword

While the fields are visited by winds
Playing off the trees the leaf -fall whirls
Getting back to youthfulness outta beasty circle

Where your back is slashed and sabred
Where baseness lashes like a river
Step into the gateway into the oldest crumbling house

King's ebony blade
The power in the lines of steel
It bears forever everlasting peoples' freedom
All power of thunder, of lightning
All elements subdued
The riot of violence of blows of persistent alloy
Ebony King's Steel

Disaster! Awake, get sober, withstand meanness and treachery
The deep wound is trickling thick blood

The steed be flying
A broken flag
Herald cantos
Echoes gnash

Memory is back through the wallstack

Gloved my arm is searching for the haft
Just again to win
Folks are ready, notice every sign
No return the blade 's forever sunk

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