Текст песни Grenouer Mystery

An alarmed hive
Chorea bees whirl maelstrom
Cellars hide colossal tuns with sparkling wine
The city's awake waiting for mirth
Festive occasion, mutinous triumph

Ooh Mystery

Taverns, inns, ale-houses, pubs, a cheerful den
Clinging coins, crispy bonds seemed extra weight
Sumptuous feasts for everyone
Devilry incitement of unrestricted life

Touching scenes
Sprawling poses
Ruddy noses
Huge tankards
Salvers are full
The reel of joy

That dreadful jester in the corner is concealing vengeance
The art of being amusing, subtle ironies are erased by laugh

And that is the way, the only way out
Striking them back unnoticed in crowds
By means of such cleaver that bloodstocky cattle will turn to decay
A sarcastical matter

The razor is hidden in the cloak
Without a falter
Someone's gonna hush you mouths
The clinging of bells
Radiant Moon singular eye
Awkward satisfaction, the grin of boorish smile

Ooh Mystery

Lutes, reed-pipes
Trailing hair
Tipsy stare
A real debauch
A burning torch
Where's all sense?

Cobbles lick the drops of blood
And a stiff is lying on the ground
Wooden boots are singing loud
The dwarfish figure is calmly entering the castle

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