Текст песни Grenouer Powdering Squeeze

Superiority of excellence
Consolidation of demands
Included confidence in verity
That cultivates the land
Time heals time
Exertion gets you into the face of the run
The worst rhyme
Involved in slime of contradiction terms

Apparent figurative nonchalance
Acute tremendous aftermath
Renounced centre of heaviness
Arms fling around
Gradation hits you at the back of the path
Components get separated
Blind flying calls

If no one takes your side
Put forward a proposal
Find out a surmise
As long as you get closer

Genetic code of generosity
Converging vectors of release
Compressive fractures of infinity
Anticipate a new lease
Prime hours
Temptations have built up the lead
Extensive worries
Removal barriers detect the grid

Powdering squeeze
Fantastic schemes should find the space between the seams
Deliberate machines would settle your hopes and handle your peace

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