Текст песни Grenouer Salt Of Mayhem

Stare into the aisle
Left along behind
Startled by constraint
Ghoulish inner daze
Pestilent disgrace
Demagogy casemate
Fasten the snooty eye
Outbreak hostile
Falsify the rank of fusion
Gadget trim
Countless precise
The doctrine that inspires
Jingoism effusion

Salt of mayhem
Fading lights
Timeless foreground
Arms detrained
Forlorn fortune
Spurning chase
Crafty reckoning is tumbled down

Tumbling down all succession
Abrogating false convention
Disarranging reproduction
Abnegating common senses
Casualties or expenses
Woebegone manifestations
Panicstricken population
A downtrodden womb

Reinforced demise
Harrowing incuse
Coventrizing native space
Picturesque deploy
Broad patterns
The pointless offensive starts again
Cholera embrace
Wet in their capes
Splashing muddy rut
Troops parade
Freshly-shattered flint
A sniper's gauge
Coup de main
That rotten crack

Stiffen plateaus are left behind
Thus the future sets the Right

Scanty dolor
Conferred fame
Skirmish line

Wounds extended revelation
Not solace or consolation
Blown grit of separation
Cringing creed of devastation
Flash and roar, white obscure
The slide of breath, swung open human
Dartled limbs, mature gestures

Defilate resort
Presuppose concern
Supplemate deflection with misuse
Turpitude revise
Congregate ferocity
Notifying hear the bell
Final belt
Soldering reflex
Questioning perplexed
Easy when possessed by dejection
Infiltrate upside
Slither, petrify
Adjusting screw, maimed in Salt

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