Текст песни Grenouer Songster Of Humanity's Dawn

Far away to silent summits
Aspirated soul is flying
Where phrases change the world
Where black rivers carry bodies of unprepared

"Before the entry into this life
I've been a great deal beyond doubt"
"I've been a word of separate marks"
Virtues wer' breeding knowledge

All relations of wind, thunder, lightning and light, stars
Merged into my essence
Just a careless tune, just a careless song
Tried without any use

Ugly order 's grown in my eyes
Every substance violated
Common fierceness fuels hatred
Sentimental foolish love

So-called science instead of real magic
Poor talk replaced high-flown speech
Retribution has already found
Blockheads, living in convenient hut
Lost communication with the nature
Some are ruthless cause of impotence
No one hears disordered pulse of planet
But I do, being thrown in that menagerie

Distinguish the song of comin' requital
Song of purification, defence
I take up the melody, its powerful splendour
Quiet, at the same time rumbling

Syllables wake load of snows
Crawling from highest peaks snow-slips
Wiping off junk settlements glaring exceeded deadline

Seams of ground keep on stirring
Firebreath of deepest crevice
Animated woods are moving
Reaching killers to stamp out

As my voice is making strongest point
Grand tsunami leave no shape of shore
Melted ice is mixing blood with oil
Fertilizing soils for florescence
Last consonance sinking in oblivion
One can see, the world is clean at last
Wonderbeasts are furrowing the meres
Pastures filled with herds of monstrous beings

Unrestricted birds play in transparent skies
Wiselord is looking around
This is what I confess, this is what I enjoy,
This is my native land
Road created of runes, future without dismay,
Future without any incoherence
I'm going away, bounded in pride
Eulogizing existence of might

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