Текст песни Grenouer Soulhunters (Spiritual Archers)

Scary thoughts cast, cast lots
The hell attends my mind
A slinking shade with gentle steps acts a gloomy part
I fall a prey, I feel the pulse of its wicked lung
The goddamn stranger sucks membranes
Masticates behind

Inhuman habits, oppressor's aims
I flee from its embrace
A prior claim of its claims
I run a stumbling race

Blood stained brains
Nothing really remains

Sharp-clawed limbs throw around
I seem to lie in hiding
Then I drive to a frenzy
Get into a fury
My affection flies to bits
All my hopes are dashed
A greedy mouth digs into
The spring of life's compound

Blood stained brains
These archers
Nothing really remains

The chase anew, reality
The point of intersection
Honey tongue, the heat of gall
The snare has been set
Tiled walls, doctor's smocks
Make me that shit
While the feeling of pursuit
Fuels my common zest

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