Текст песни Grown Ups Couch-King

I'm feeling awful surface bound
I'm begging you to cut me down, I just keep forgetting
the shit we lost that takes up space
if I've got guts to show my face
running round the bend for a seasonal change in the head
for a reason to get out of bed
we're burning daylight oh so carelessly
put the weight on me
I've got a crown I wear around, but I've never worn it out
I just keep forgetting
I was king of the couch, I reigned for twenty-eight days
building mountains of clothes
making pillars of plates
the days always ebb and flow
you never let me know
when the fog is lifting
I was cherished by most but my memory won't last
the potted plant on the porch is an ashtray at best

Текст добавил Лёша Травоведа 3.9.2011 13:18

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