Текст песни Grown Ups Three Day Weekend

It's time that I clean house
It's time I cut my hair
It's time we both stop missin'
What I wish was there

I've been collecting resin with your bobby pins
That you left under my bed
that you let fall from your head
that you once laid to rest in the crook of my neck

Girl just give it a rest
The night's young but it's looking like I'm dead
but count me in to do it all again
For one more song
for one more drive
for one more night to feel alive
For one more chance to help you stand

So long, farewell
I've lost but I can't tell
Would you follow me into that mountain air
Would you follow if you knew nothing was there

And I know the more I search the less I seem to care
And I know the more we wait the less there is in store
I do prefer the lips that I have had before
So will you guide my hand

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