Текст песни Infant Annihilator Motherless Miscarriage

"Hail Mary,I'll rape the virgin clit."
"The powers that be invested in me;planting my malevolent seed.Your screams make me erect."
"I almost don't want to dissect that children cunt,but I come swinging,wielding this blunt club."
"Smashing as this cunt is gushing,licking at her oozing blood-soaked labia."
"It is so arousing eating out her anus.Elbow deep,force-fisting,digging for her foetus."
"I have my grasp on the son and I sever.Her consciousness slips as I birth my new spawn."
"Now we must feast on the uterus in the name of the sacrament."
"Feast my son!"
"Now we must feast on the uterus in the name of holy the sacrament."
Chomping on his mother's womb.Like father like son,he begins to fondle.

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