Текст песни Infant Annihilator Empusa: Queen Of The Damned

I tip-toe through the tulips, drenched in anal fluid
Through the flowers splattered in cum and vomit
Smothered in petals and mucus
Admiring my Eden of filth

Limp little sluts
Lay upon the lilies
Leeched virgin waste flushed of their purity
Stroking the slain supple specimen
Draped over me as I bathe

In the fountain of placenta
Submerged and staring at the sky
With a glimmer of lust in my eye
And the woods hanging overhead
Adorned with suffocating mothers
I reach below
And smite my hole

Gasps and screams
Gurgles and moans
Ravish my ears in delight
Children surround me
Dead decaying beauties
Aid me to scratch the itch inside

Join me in my garden of gorging
I am The Maiden of Molestation
Queen of quivering infants
Masturbating in violent glee
Thriving on defenseless beings
While their mothers hang from trees

Stuff myself to ecstasy

Cradling the fetus I deflower and abuse
Their purity gives me everlasting youth
Caress their puny bodies, feeding on their suffering
See my discontent and fear my name

I am The Maiden
Queen of the Damned
I am The Maiden
Queen of the Damned

The wind carries the entrancing stench of rotting fleshlings
Their scrumptious suffering preserves my eternal beauty

Through me, they bore in sorrow
Bore in want and woe and strife
This same weight of human weakness
This same weary human life

Stuff myself to ecstasy

Gallons of pungent lubricants and mangled munchkins leak
Oozing from my loins down to my knees
Bathing in puss, washing in a flood of placenta
Draining the blood, nourishing the mud of the garden

Limp little sluts lay upon the roots
Tombless infant graves
Limp little sluts lay on the roots
Tombless infant graves

Sorrowing one, who weepest sore
Know thy past cannot be restored
All thine youth consumed and lost
By The Maiden's hand, you've paid thy cost

I am The Maiden
Queen of the Damned
I am The Maiden
Queen of the Damned
Of the fucking Damned

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