Текст песни Invisius The Submission Encountered

I was dying within
But a look from you
Right to my eyes
Changed it all

Emotions growing up in me
And a vision of what you and I could be
Please take my heart or it will bleed
It will bleed

Lighting my fires
Like millions of flames
Please take my hand
Or again I'll burn out

And you keep open up my eyes
It's gone too far I can't deny
Your sun keeps shining when my would die
When mine would die

I want to taste it all
I want to face it all - with you by my side

You make me see a life in you
Oh cure the pain that I am through
Forever you've infected my soul
I can't explain but you should know

I want to suffer the pains
Let it burn throughout my veins
Climb this mountain of yours to reach the top
To reach your love

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