Текст песни Invisius Tides

I felt it in the wind, I saw it in the skies
A fading smile and words that were all lies
It all came creeping, feels like a disease
A perfect picture, now that's smashed to pieces

I can't get up, I'm so far down
The tides are rising, I feel myself drown
You flooded my world, took every breath from me
I'm at the bottom, buried, dead at sea

You turned your back and ran before the storm
My world is flooded, the green fields are gone
My lungs are giving up, can't take this anymore
I'm in this underworld where nothings like before

Where were you when I needed you the most
My dams collapsed, I'm nothing but a ghost

The waters are coming closer
Soon my life will be beneath
My body is cold, I can't no longer breath
The sun is gone, the day is at it's end

The lights are fading away
I'll never see the sun again

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