Текст песни Invisius This Ship Has Sunk

You're digging again with your bare hands
To find your goal at all cost
Deeper and deeper into the sand
To find a treasure in what we've lost

Still my fingers burn from last time you were here
Had trouble breathing since I saw you disappear
You're not gonna ruin things again
Cause this time I'm not gonna let you in

This Ship Has Sunk

You say you've found your peace of mind
But you can't get back the things you've left behind
Cause I remember how I felt when you pulled me down
I'm better off myself not having you around

Can't you see that I'm already gone
Can't rebuild the things you've torn
Escape your arms to run away
And let go of yesterday

We're sinking but I'll leave to survive
Swim away, I won't stay here and die
No I won't stay here and die

Cause I remember how it felt when you pulled me down
And we can't salvage me to the surface again
Everything we've ever had
Will remain in the deep until our end

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