Текст песни Invisius Till The Break Of Day

I step into the room of ferocity
Smoke fills the air, I cannot see
I feel the atmosphere and I hear the crowd
I fill my glass, turn the music loud

Put the keg tap to my mouth again
I don't ever want this night to end
We're creating this together
Make this night last forever

Tonight we dance the night away
We'll keep dancing till the break of day
Tomorrow it's all a blur to me
But tonight we'll let us take away

Give me more
I won't stop till I hit the fucking floor

Out of control
Tonight we are
Dressed to the nines as I pop cheap champagnes
Lose my inhibitions, the booze is in my veins
My head, all the way to my toes
Where tonight will lead us nobody knows
Make this night last forever

As I blow the smoke into the air
I see chicks around whipping their hair
Can't take my eyes away, I make's me soar
I feel a sudden need to explore
Bottoms up, let's hit the dance floor

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