Текст песни Invisius Avoid Oblivion

Avoid Oblivion
In the end of the day
The sun is disappearing
I am standing still there is no way
The wind is all i am hearing
I regret now she is gone
I’ll never learn to face it
I feel the pain a darkened sun
The road is closed I cannot find the way

The light is gone I cannot see
My options is fading away
She doesn’t know what she did to me
She doesn’t know what to say
The madness is breaking through
I’m lost in the world of confusion
There is no escape I’m going into
A world of black with nothing but regret

She is gone and i’m torn to pieces
My world is turning dark
How can anyone resist the sickness
That strikes into my mind

If I could I would seek revenge
My mind is crazed and bloodred
I believe that everyone sense
My dark and burning hatred

She is over me
But she cannot see
I will chase her down
I’ll search every town
She can try to run
She thinks She has won
When I get to her she’ll wonder how

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