Текст песни I , Valiance Sacrificial Birth

Set Astray, A Neglected, Abstract Design.
The Scriptures, Reformed to Personal Vision.
"I Deem Existence To be mine"
"Creations of Imperfect Design"
Creations of Substance, Synergies of Heat and Cold,
Of External Alignment, Evolves Planet Earth's Terra formation.
Prometheus, Destruction of Thy Immortal soul,
Destruction of Thy Physical Form, Sacrificial life For Birth of mankind.
Descend to physical form, Implosion of itself, Origins of Mammals Unknown.
Synthetically Born To creation, Bastard forms of ungodly descent.
Embryos of life, Born Separated, Reconnection to duplicate.
Evolutionists life, Impurest Form.
Evolutionists life, Impurest Form.

Текст добавил Sven 1.3.2018

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