Текст песни I , Valiance Ethereal

I, the human amidst this earth
Gazing at the stars, depicting infection

This is hell; an empty shell where the righteous fell, what have we done

I, deceiver

This mask conceals, so I may see the end
For deaths presence constantly lingers

I am in doubt, that I can live through this
Burden burning me at the core of my soul
These are my cries for help, left unanswered
So leave me be as I fade away

From reality I step in the void
Leave behind all that I know
Left alone, abstract concepts pierce my mind
For I no longer want to be alive.

Only in time

Will we figure out, death consumes us all
We are an embodiment of disease
I can't help but wonder where we go from here
So I hold my breath and watch the shadows distort

Revealed in time, life slowly dies

Unto the earth
My life remains
Burn the earth, burn the earth

I consume my last breath

Before I release to rejoin this world
I yell these last words to whom is alpha
"Please, I pray upon you leave us be"
For we were built this way

I felt reality, lose it's grasp.

Текст добавил Sven 1.3.2018

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