Текст песни I , Valiance Part 4: God's Mouth

From nothing I came, To nothing I return
Into the lair of lost lives.

Upon entrance I lose myself, in the contents of this withered cell
This cave of madness, crawling up the spine of fear itself
Into the void I will return, Reconnect with the lives I once nurtured
I am the waste, The one who seeks to be murdered.

I feel the weight of my soul, Lured to the caves depths
The souls of the damned, Welcoming my every hiss
The spirits observe, As I lose my mind, In the complex of this decrepit design
I am the madness, The one who speaks to the unknown.
A breath a curse, A tongue full of whispers
The influence of malevolent creations
A self guided map to my own oblivion.

As I fall to my knee's with god at my back
The exit swallowed by the abyssal black
Confined within these walls that feel alive
Voices of the dead breakthrough my psyche
I am but a man who was deemed to die
Searching for death in a bitter life.

Within in this tomb, Death begins to bloom

The walls are slowly closing in
Swallowing all mortal sin
Entombed and buried alive
To rot and be revived.

Hallucinations; The walls are covered in bodies
They're screeching out at me, Auditory welcoming.

I scream, I cry, I plead, I die
Resurrected [3x]
God's mouth has invited me
To reside for eternity.
In a distance of dust and haze
Lays the throne of human decay
The relic of souls, The key to ascension

Humanity, You are a fragment, Holding onto the breath of extinction; (edit)
Climb unto the throne and let it induce you with dreadful death you're willing to choose
Your vanity has betrayed you, Let the hand of death embrace you.
Lifeless Fiend, Embrace the hand of mortality
Lifeless Fiend, Mortal sin will set you free

I prey as the life leaks from my veins
The dreadful reply
"For eternity the fire will purge you"
Tortured soul, Will remain entombed

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