Текст песни Landscapes Radiance

Step from the shadows of solar darkness,
like a ghost into the night, Besides a fear of death in life
where no one understands their existence, beyond the surface of the sun
and the contradicting difference of everything thats black on black

In between the stars in view,
I begin to feel the change in you
as I ask the crumbling question
am i a man of fading conscience

After my final breath has gone
and if the vale of tears dissolve
I try grasp a deeper view as my mind concave's and I can't look back

Stuck in the mist of nothing
Beyond the face of change
It used to strangle me
It used to drag me beneath my feet

Suspended over radiance
Into the depths of space
Do you remember me in vein
Do you remember losing sleep… again and again

Time crept beneath my weakened skin
I still wither away in silence

The burden dragged me to my knees
though under an age
repentance, bewildered
sunken to embrace

Under the closure of every night,
I whisper away and try to forget, everything I left behind

Oh how the gods resemble me,
as cut throat wire
surround my lungs
I was struggling to breathe

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