Текст песни Lorna Shore Cre(H)ate

& now you know you were born to die

Blinded by the man made days
& controlled by the hand of fate
A series of plagues
Has ripped open my eyes
& consumed my heart to dust

I swear that we've been stuck by the will of greed
Over consuming what your
Filthy mouth really needs
Bring your hand to your knees

Stop where you stand & obey every command
Cease to exist
You were born to be enslaved

Astonishing intellect
Will be the end of anyone
& anything who chooses
Who chooses to rise against
Only your dead will commend you

Everyone wants to be a profit
Foreseeing domination is what you choose
To claim you think you know whats fear
You're yet to see the face of doom

So look at you now
Your mind is destroyed by faith
You can scream every prayer in the world
But just so you know
You were never in control

Masters of time
Creators of space

Forced to kneel before your throne
Forged by thy forefathers
Flesh & bone
Free will is a lie I contest in its name
Life is a joke
We're just slaves to the age

But I for one won't submit to the pain in strife
All emotion is drained from me
& I no longer fear for my life

All power
Stripped clean
All I can feel is the air within my bones

But I'm okay with the emptiness
My mind has polluted all that is within
Internal endeavors are my cross to bare
Where is hope?

No faith
No hope
No reality
No hope
No faith
No reality

Know hope
Know faith

It appears to me that we are out of time

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