Текст песни Lorna Shore Bone Kingdom

Can you see me now?
Lunacy has shown its face.
At the impacts touch i will swarm and engulf.

Spoken in serpents tongue ear drums will be turned to dust.
The fourth horseman shouts his reign then life will begin again.
Skin will rot, eyes will boil, certainly no plague of man.
Soon the dead will walk the earth giving all what you deserve.

As i flaunt my infinite power obey your king the chosen one.

All will fall before me.

Now that i control all that i see everything that pushes breathe belongs to me.
A collective pile of bones you all have no worth.

A deception of a fallen god my presence will swallow your earth.
So its killed or be killed every man just for themselves.

Contemplating genocide we are the ones who choose who live and who will die.
We must exterminate till there nothing left.

Just because you cannot see doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe.
Never bite the hand that feeds never turn your back on me.
Prepare for my awakening.
We will never rest.

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