Текст песни Mando Diao Ringing Bells

Stick around your neck and see what it can bring
Lonely stands the butcher on the ground
Little angel fly, fly among the stars
Jupiter will comfort you with love

So who are you gonna follow
Are you going out somewhere
Can it be the new thing money enough
Where's that hat you loved once
Let us spoil it for a day
Bring ?em in she said just for a day
Just for a day

On the way to you between busy moon
Crash beneath a window left in bloom
The days are few my friend and winter comes again
Clap, clap and the boy is to lose

So who are you gonna follow?

Bring ?em in she said
I said just bring ?em in she said
Ringing bells in Saxton and Oakland bringing you home?

Текст добавил WalterBrown 10.2.2010 23:52

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