Текст песни Mando Diao Driving Around

Loving is hard when it’s stopped by cemetery
Baby I hope those tears were meant for me
Even when it hurt it was always you who shined
Blinded by starlight, heartbeats and my mind
She come on homewards. Wanna fly?
She come on homewards. Wanna sigh
I’m driving around, watching my town
She come on down when we give up
She came on down as I took up
This driving around

Loving stand still when it’s held by many days
Tearing apart those knots we tied in may
No one gets out alive they told me straight
No wait makes no sense it's never too late

She come on homewards. Wanna love?
She come on homewards. Lay above?
I’m driving around, watching my town
She come on homewards. Tie the knot?
She come on homewards. Cry a lot?
I’m driving around, watching my town

So did he caught all the girls in here
Oh my baby doll who's that sphere
I’m driving around, taking my sound
Drive that car roll in the stone
Baby you’re all I’ve been looking for
Now don’t mind me drive, no don’t mind me jive

Yesterday news lay rotting on my floor
This day’s lying on a breakfast board
mighty lord, night time, soft breasts nothing more
wanna go out in daylight 'round three or four

She come on homewars feel ashamed
She come on homewards stopped me faint
See me go round, watching my town
Brothers in hometown left the bench
Brothers in hometown makes no sense
I'm driving around...

Текст добавил Vampire Heart 11.2.2010 10:22

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