Текст песни Massacra Researchers Of Torturers

Agonizing Pain In Your Brain

You Feel This Drugs Flows

In Your Veins Raging Fever Of Exitement

Fit Of Choking Youre In Torment

Sufferer From Mad Scientists

Youve Been Act As A Guinea Pig

Trying On You Experiments

In The Name Of The New Science

Researchers Of Tortures

Acting Like Mad Butchers Scientific Sorcerers

Using Drugs And Tortures

Excruciating Pain In Your Veins

This Noxious Drug Is Burning

Your Brain Now You Can Feel No Emotion

They Neutralized Your Sensation

Theyve Got Your Soul Under Control

Youre Prisoner In Their Power

Sufferer From These Sorcerers

You Must Comply To Their Orders

Researchers Of Tortures... (See Above)

Declining World, Lawlessness World, Self Destruction

Laboratories, Mad Scientists, New Corruption

Now Yore Under The Influence Of Their Serum

No Solution, Its A Poison And Youre Destined To Die

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