Текст песни Massacra Sentenced For Life

Set... Me... Free

Let... Me... Out

What Right Have You

To Keep Me As A Hostage

Im Not Crazy

What Right Had You

To Sentence Me For Life

Im Not Guilty

You Kept Me In Confinement

Ive Been There For A Long Time

And Ive Lost All Scence Of Time

Always Confined In The Dark

No Rays Of Light, No Land Of Mark

I Must Be Out Of My Mind

I Feel That Im Going To Blind

You Treat Me Roughly

And Mercilessly

Im Here To Stay

In The Name Of The Law, Im Sentenced For Life

Im An Embrassing Witness

Cause I Know Things That I Shouldnt Know

Ive Got Into A Fuckin Mess

Why Did I Decide To Go To Law?

Corruption Took The Place Of Justice

I Want To Get Out Of This Cell, Of This Jail

You Treat Me Roughly... (See Above)

Since My Last Disappearance

No One Knows My Existence

Now Im Rotting In Prison

No Escape, No Solution

I Felt About In The Dark

But Ive Never Found A Gap

Some Rats Kept Me Company

And I Ate Them Heartly

You Treat Me Roughly.... (See Above)

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