Текст песни Massacra War Of Attrition

Far Away, Bloodstained Banners Of Death

Iron, Leather, Around Warriors

The Stae Of Sieges Gonna Be Declare

Spreading Panic, Its A Nightmare

Swords Gleam In The Sun

Weve Got No Place To Turn

Murderous Knights, Resolute

Besiegers Fortified Castle, Proud Defenders

Terrible Fights, Pitiless Invaders

Standing In Fear The Confrontation

Needless To Be Under Delusion

Theyve Come To Over Run The Land

Were Gonna Hold Out To The End

Trapped In This Castle

Life And Death Struggle

No Surrender, Therell Be No Prisoner

Invasion, Devastation

No Surrender, Facing The Invader

Starvation, War Of Attrition

Theyve Come To Built A New Empire

Flames And Smoke, The Place Is On Fire

The Battle Is Raging

Constant Harassing

Hopeless End, Desperate Struggle

Throes Of Death Rattle For Days On End

Coveted Land, Never Ending Battle

No Surrender... (See Above)

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