Текст песни Massacra Nearer To Death

The Rooms Smells Dumb And Death

Everybody Catch Their Breath

Suspense And Deathly Hush

Youre Ready To Try Your Luck

Dont Go Beyond The Bounds Of Reason

Its A Matter Of Life And Death

Its Time To Pass A Resolution

Youve Already Come Close To Death Nearer...

To Death

Money, Bets And Wagers

It Wont Have Two Winners

Games And Depravity

Russian Roulettes Still In Be

Youre Prepared To Take Part In This Game

You Do It To Earn Your Living

Its A Long Time Youve Got A Bad Name

Now Its Your Turn And Youre Sweating


To Death

Life Is More Precioius Than Cash

You Shouldnt Brave The Power Of Death

One Day Youll Be Kill Outright

Cause The Bulletll Be Aimed At You

A Gun Shotll Break The Silence

And Therell Be A Smell Of Gun Powder

Bloodll Spurt Out From Your Head

And Your Bodyll Lie On The Ground

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