Текст песни Massacra Final Holocaust

In The Street, Not A Living Soul, Theres No Sign Of Live

Nobody, Everythings So Strange, So Unreal

This City Is Out Of The Way, Its A No Mans Land

Whats Happened? No One Knows The Fact, No Witness

Poison Gas



Or Suicide




Bad Sect

Im Alone Feeling Ill At Ease, Expecting The Worst

There Is Not A Sound To Be Heard, Deathly Hush

Smell Of Death All Over The Place, My Bloods Running Cold

A Mass Grave In The Town Center, Rotting Flesh

They Were On Oath / According To Their God

Slaves Till Death / Ultimate Offering

It Was Their Will / Supreme Sacrifice

Their Last Fill / The Final Holocaust

Dead Bodiesre Lying On The Ground I Cant Believe It

In This Town People Came To Pray To Their God

Ethic Group Believing In Their Spiritual Master

They Came In This Place Of Worship To See Him

Poison Gas... (See Above)

Now I Know, Now The Reason Why Theres No Sign Of Life

Theyre All Dead According To His Instruction

Worshippers Scarified Themselves, Collective Suicide

Theyre All Dead According To Their Religion

They Were On Oath... (See Above)

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