Текст песни Massacra The Day Of Massacra

Scenery Of Death And Destruction

Show Of Sack And Aggression

Smoke Screen And Rays Of Light

Howling Crowded Ready To Fight

Hemoglobin Starts To Flow

All Systems Go To Begin The Show

Offering You As A Sacrifice

Its A Bloodbath, Its A Genocide

Violence... Massacra

Torments... Massacra

Doomsday... Massacra

The Day Of Massacra

The Marshall Noise Is Driving You Mad

And The Scene Is Taking By Storm

Turning Everything Upside Down

Everybodys Thrashing All Around

Playing Faster With Volume Higher

Theres No Limit, Its Sheer Murder

Going Beyond The Bounds Of Reason

No Self Control, Possessed By Demon

In A State Of Exhaustation

And Bathed In Perspiration

Everybody Is Out Of Breath

But We Still Thrash Till Death

Violence... (See Above)

Текст добавил Hiekke 9.11.2010 13:20

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