Текст песни Massacra Enjoy The Violence

Im the dictates of your guilty conscience

You must comply to my evil influence

Youd like to throw your boss out of the window

Show no mercy and cut him up with a chainsaw

You cant bear this rep bothering your wife

So rip him open with a carving knife

You wonder how to kill your enemy

Smash his head until its gravy

You take pleasure

In using violence

Its in your nature

Psychopathic sense

Psychological conflict

Youre under my influence

You cant repress your instinct

I incite you to violence


The violence

I control your inward rage

You cant suppress your anger

I possess you, Im your cage

You feel an urge to murder

Im the dictates of your guilty conscience

You must not comply to my evil influence

Your neighbour is always fucking you around

Put your fingers in his eyes and scratch them out

You hate the collector and the income tax

Keep your money and cut him to pieces with an axe

Youve had enough of cops and parking tickets

Take your gun and riddle them with bullets

Prompted my brutal force

You commit crimes in cold blood

With no feeling of remorse

Youre always thirsting for some more

Enjoy the violence

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