Текст песни Massacra Worlds Dies Screaming

I want to leave here, before its too late

Open my arms and embrace my fate

Rocked in the cradle, and then

Drowned in hells lake

When I go the earth will shake

Into the darkness! I thrust my sword

I curse at you! Almighty lord

Im the forgotten one, who has no name

The bastard son, who feels no pain

One of four, one of a kind One of those, lost in time

Ive taken too much of this, and drank

Too much of that

Ill vomit it all up, and well all take a bath

I crap on your systems and your faces

The difference form right and the knowledge of wrong

Are the lessons you know, when youre dead and gone

Feeling of pleasure and feelings of pain

Are the sensations, just part of the game

Into the darkness! Thrust my sword

I come to thee! Almighty lord

Like a switch a blade that knows where to go

Ill spill your blood, and demand some more

Текст добавил Hiekke 9.11.2010 13:31

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