Текст песни Massacra Madness Remains

Nothing will change my mind,

I think I told you

Many things I was never shown,

I wont be like you

Many Ill never see, nobody told me

Want to throw my life down the drain,

And walk in the rain

Not a next day, only today

Not tomorrow, here and right now

I want to forget it, not think it over

I dont want to be a lawyer, only murderer

On the brink of madness

Im with my back to the wall, but Ill be strong

Empty eyes, in anguish

Here today gone tomorrow, Im getting cold

Not scared, just cold

I cant make up, for lost time now

Just look out which way the wind blows

For the last time, for the last day

No more to gain, madness remains

You can run, you can hide, be guilty or innocent

Try to scream and struggle

Wherever you go, it will find you someday

You cant paint the town red,

Be loaded or restitute

Try to leave and forget,

Whatever you do, it will find you someday

On the corner, two blocks away

From up above, close to you

You can move, heaven and earth,

Be a big name or small fry

Try to pray and repent

Whoever you are, it will find you someday

Текст добавил Hiekke 9.11.2010 13:33

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