Текст песни Massacra Broken Youth

Can you tell me who knows right from wrong

Im not the man I wanted to be

All I can see from all around

Is all I fear since I was born

Who said youth is fun

And I do waste my time

My ideas go against the tide

So much time I spent lost in thought

None of my dreams came true

Im not waiting for something new

I resign myself

But you cant make me

Nothing kills like the daily grind

No escape from the hell Ive been living

Why do you keep me from hoping

Release me, with the truth Im face to face

All over the world

People just like me

Bitterness leads to death

Broken youth

Boredom and scorn got a hold on me

But what I want is to be free

Who says Im different

Who knows my difference

But I feel not the same

And I dont care, I dont care

Текст добавил Hiekke 9.11.2010 13:35

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