Текст песни Massacra My Only Friend

Evil seems to be endless

Just when we think we have discovered,

Heard and found out some

Infamie which is already off limits,

Again comes something

New even more scaring

Sometimes its like we live in a world

That will surely break

Down under the pressure of modern life

Sinners breed like sickness,

People have no control over their

Most primary feelings Any society that you build

Will have its own limits

Is murder like anything you take to

Once that youve decided on a killing,

First you make a stone out

Of your heart and if you find

That your hands are still willing,

Then you can turn mass murder into art

Now if you have a taste

For killing experience

And if youre flushed with

Your very first success,

Then you really should try

Lay them down in front of me

Lay them down for all to see

Here is one as white as snow

Bound to beliefs that You are bound to go

And with this point sharpened by a fire

Ill bring out the truth,

I show whos the liar

Never ending cries, its following you

Weakness breed like disease

Gripped in illusion, of brutality

Picture of your vices

Pain, my only friend

Cant stand this feeling

Shame, your only way

Cant stop the killing

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